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Telluride Sunset

This image of an amazing sunset was taken from my hotel room in Telluride, Colorado. I was there to shoot some ski events but was lucky enough to be around my room for this great evening. Used as a summer camp for centuries by Ute Indians and named by Spanish explorers in the 1700s, the […]

Sunset on the Bend

The late summer sun sets on one of the Colorado River’s most famous overlooks. Horseshoe Bend is an awe inspiring overlook that is a quick half mile hike and a short 3 mile drive from Page, Arizona. I have seen images from Horseshoe Bend for many years and have wanted to get down there to […]

Sunset on Bachman Ranch

Sunset on Bachman Ranch was an image I captured on a beautiful summer sunset colors the sky in pinks and purples over the the rugged peak of Mount Crested Butte, Colorado. I used to live in this beautiful town and went back to visit friends. Bachman Ranch was always one of my favorite scenic views […]

Sunset on Pettit Lake

A beautiful Idaho sunset is the perfect completion of an amazing summer day near Sun Valley. Pettit Lake is a large alpine lake in Blaine County, Idaho, United States, located in the Sawtooth Valley in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. The lake is approximately 16.5 miles south of Stanley and 33 miles northwest of Ketchum. […]

Super Moon Over Seattle

The annual arrival of the super moon gets every one in Seattle excited to see the moon at it’s closest to the earth. The term super moon has become popular in recent years to describe a situation when the full moon occurs at or near the time when the moon is closest to Earth on […]