Full Moon over Griffith Observatory

There is something special about full moons here in Los Angeles. I don’t know if it’s because the city is so huge and the full moon seems to make this massive place look smaller or because there is more humidity in the air that distorts the night sky and makes the moon look bigger. Either way the full moon makes this city look amazing. I have been waiting for a few months for the moon to be in the right part of the sky do be able to shoot it over Griffith Observatory. I’ve seen this picture a few times but there was something about the size of the moon this night that made my image stand out. It’s amazing how a city of 12 million can become so quiet so quickly. I only had to hike for 15 minutes above Griffith Park to get to this spot and I didn’t see another person until I actually went over to the observatory and then there were loads of people waiting in lines to look at the full moon and space through any of the massive telescopes housed at Griffith Observatory.

Full Moon over Griffith Observatory Griffith Observatory